We are participating the MIND Blue Monday Run!
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We are participating in the MIND Blue Monday Run!

Because we want a psychologically healthy society for everyone.

The MIND Foundation is committed to preventing psychological problems and supporting people who are affected by them. At MIND you will find information, inspiration and support. MIND puts mental wellbeing on the political agenda. If you need support yourself or want to talk, you can call MIND Correlation anonymously: +31-900-1450. And through MIND you can get in touch with people who have the same experiences as you.

We think this is important and that is why we are running to collect as many donations as possible for MIND. In this way we want to help prevent psychological problems and support the people who suffer from them. Do you support us in this campaign for MIND? Then share our campaign with everyone you know and donate!

Many thanks in advance for your involvement.

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